25 Things to Do in Rogers #16:

War Eagle Mill & Bridge

You can find the only working gristmill in Arkansas at the War Eagle Mill, a historic landmark of the Civil War.

Plan a day trip to drive across the Scenic Highway 12 bridge and visit War Eagle Mill, a sight worth seeing if you are visiting Northwest Arkansas and if you live here, there is no excuse not to visit!


The War Eagle Mill is a working gristmill that was originally built in 1832. Unfortunately, the mill has been destroyed three times, once due to a flood, and twice by fire. The first fire was set by Confederate soldiers to keep it from being used by the Union during the Civil War. The mill that still stands today was built 1973 and is the only working watermill in Arkansas. It is powered by an eighteen-foot cypress water wheel, which is a fun site to see during your visit. The mill houses a restaurant and store, that sells organic grain, cereal, and flour products on site.

How It Works

According to the mill’s website, the War Eagle Mill’s 18-foot undershot water wheel rotates when water strikes the paddles or blades at the bottom of the wheel. The force of the water’s movement drives the blades of the wheel, which rotates a turbine that drives the mill’s machinery. This, in turn, allows the millstone to grind grain into flour. You can learn more about the mill and its history during a free informal tour of the mill. Tours are provided by request, and are given by staff on each floor. The miller will be happy talk to you about the general history of the mill and the milling operations using the river to power out stone buhrs as well.

War Eagle Mill Café & Shop

War Eagle Mill Café is one of The Best of Brunch in Rogers. The War Eagle Mill Café is not just a great place for breakfast or brunch, they also serve lunch. If you love beans and fresh cornbread, this is your place! They have a full menu, but that is their specialty. If you do not have time for lunch, you can always stop in for an afternoon tea or a sweet treat too, like cobbler and ice cream. Besides the delicious food, you will get a great view since the restaurant is located on the third floor of the working mill. All War Eagle grains are organically grown and are non-GMO, which means they have no additives or preservatives and are not chemically treated.

  • Breakfast: Saturday and Sunday 8:30 am to 10:30 am
  • Lunch: 10:30 am to 4 pm

After your meal, make sure to browse the mill’s shop where you will find fun things to look at and take home to eat. From breads and pancake mixes to jams and jellies, you are bound to find something for everyone. There is a section on the mill’s website with recipes so you can put your new grains, flours and mixes to good use.

War Eagle Bridge

If you visit the mill, then you must visit War Eagle Bridge. This one lane steel bridge was built in 1907 and adjoins the War Eagle Mill. This bridge carries traffic across War Eagle Creek. The bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on November 19, 1985. The mill and bridge offer scenic backgrounds for pictures, so bring your camera! War Eagle Creek runs under the bridge. It is a great place to enjoy the sunset, skip rocks with your family, cool off by wading in the water, or spend some time fishing.

Fall Craft Fair

One of the busiest times of year for the mill is each fall during craft fair weekend! Every third week in October, the mill’s grounds are filled with craft men and women from all over the country offering their original, handmade work such as decorative items, folk art, paintings, pottery, stoneware, wreaths, quilts, jewelry and much, much more.

How to Get There

The War Eagle Mill and War Eagle Bridge are located off Scenic Hwy 12 along the War Eagle Creek approximately 15 miles east of Rogers, or 25 miles southwest of Eureka Springs. For turn by turn directions, visit the War Eagle Mill website. The address is 11045 War Eagle Road, Rogers, AR. If you get lost, you can also call them at 479-789-5343.

If you are looking for some things in the area to fill out your itinerary, try the War Eagle Cavern or Hobbs State Park Visitor’s Center and surrounding trails.


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