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Fishing All Year Round in Rogers

Arkansas holds many world-class fishing records and of course Beaver Lake and the White River are on that list. Beaver Lake is a very versatile fishery offering smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing, and striper bass fishing, not to mention plentiful supplies of crappie, bream, white bass, channel and spoonbill catfish. Whether hot or cold, rain or snow, the bite is always on no matter the season!


Fish like the locals at Veterans Park, Lake Atalanta, War Eagle Creek, Beaver Lake, and just past Beaver Dam there is a stretch of the White River. Some safety guidelines to follow are fishing with a friend, wear a wading belt or an inflatable life jacket, watch for changes in water levels, and get out immediately if you hear a horn or notice rising water. Stay up to date on the rules, regulations, and licensing requirements set by the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission.

Boating at Beaver Lake

Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Park is a 23-acre neighborhood park with a monument dedicated to all past, present, and future veterans. The park is equipped with drinking fountains, public restrooms, two pavilions, picnic tables, park benches, paved trails, a doggie station, and plenty of parking. It is also a sports field complex for sand volleyball, baseball, softball, soccer, and a football field complete with bleacher seating. At the heart of the park is a pond the city keeps stocked with catfish. Veterans Park attracts crowds of novice anglers from the area and is perfect for a family picnic following a lesson in fishing with a rod or pole only. The pond sits near one of the pavilions, is easily accessible, and even has a pier. The park hosts CARE, a free annual fishing derby for children under the age of 16 and disabled adults.

Fishing at Beaver Lake

Lake Atalanta

Fishing at Lake Atalanta, a neighborhood park, is a popular spot for trout. Other species found are smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, crappie, walleye, and catfish. The waters are heavily fished by locals and strictly rod or pole only. Catfish and trout are limited to five per day and a permit is required to take home the trout. Lake Atalanta includes nearly two miles of shoreline with a paved trail and six fishing piers set around the lake. Lake Atalanta is a no wake lake meaning only non-motorboats are permitted such as canoes, kayaks, and paddle boats.

Lake Atalanta

Beaver Lake

The 28,000-acre lake with 487 miles of shoreline is the biggest body of water in northwest Arkansas. Beaver Lake is surrounded by the Ozark Mountain scenery with limestone bluffs edging the lake that satisfies all skill-level anglers year ‘round. Winter months bring in out-of-state anglers to vacation and reel in their trophy and is a great time to catch striped bass.

Beaver Lake is heaven for those who own a boat, but you are just as likely to catch fish from a floating dock, the shoreline at Prairie Creek Recreation Area, or right off the shore on Hwy 12. The lake is known for some of the best bass fishing in the Ozark Mountains and in the state. Find smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, striper bass, crappie, bream, white bass, channel, sunfish, and spoonbill catfish. Some 40-50+ pound stripers have been caught in this lake and hold state records.

Fishing on Beaver Lake
Prairie Creek Boat Ramp

War Eagle Creek

Located just 20 minutes east of downtown Rogers is War Eagle Creek. The river is a Class I to Class II easy-to-moderate whitewater stream. It runs north unlike most in the area that run south. It has been called a miniature version of the Buffalo National River because it has limited access points, is a lot less crowded, and the similar surrounding scenic bluffs. Anglers fish for catfish, bream, perch, bass, and stream-running walleye. Year-round fishing is also popular at War Eagle Creek. The War Eagle Mill and Bean Palace Café is a good starting point as it sits on the banks of the river. Float fisherman can take their own canoe, kayak, or rent one from War Eagle Canoeing and Camping, they also have a fishing guide available.

War Eagle Mill in the Fall

White River of Northwest Arkansas

Headwaters near Fayetteville meander into southern Missouri, then back into Arkansas flowing southeast to the Delta. Take a 40-minute drive from historic downtown Rogers, past the dam, between Eureka Springs and Gateway to a 13-mile stretch of the White River from Beaver Dam to Beaver Town, Arkansas. The river flows through high limestone bluffs, stretches of farmland, pastures, and some forested areas. When the dam is generating hydro-electric power water levels become very low, an excellent setting for world-class White River fly fishing. The most popular method of fishing on the White is on a Jonboat equipped with a 10-20 horsepower motor. There are four public access areas. A popular spot is The Little Golden Gate Bridge in Beaver Town where you can stop to picnic.

Fishing at Beaver Lake

Table Rock Lake

Massive Table Rock Lake boasts more than 52,000-acres of water and more than 800 miles of shoreline. While mainly located in Missouri, the upper portions of the Long Creek, Kings River, and White River all reach into Arkansas. Make sure you have the proper licensing for where you’re heading.

Largemouth bass are the main attraction due to their abundance and size (6+ pound bass are not uncommon.) Bass can be found in the shallows and creek arms in the spring as they get ready to spawn and look for warm water. In the summer they’re found in deeper water where marine electronics can help you locate ledges and submerged brush piles. As the water cools in the fall, look for bass in the shallows as they chase shad and put on weight for the winter.

Lake Taneycomo

Lake Taneycomo is a narrow 2,100-acre, clear and cold-water lake that sits between Table Rock and Bull Shoals in southwest Missouri.  Its unique shape and location on the White River means it operates like both a river and a lake.

Visitors to Taneycomo love to target rainbow and brown trout. Mid-depth trolling near rip rap has been a proven way to locate trout in summer months. Note that all anglers must have a trout permit and a state fishing permit to fish for trout and as of this writing there is a 20 inch minimum length limit set by the Missouri Department of Conservation. 

Largemouth can be found in certain areas for the bass anglers out there. The cold temps in Taneycomo originate from the deep cool water coming in from Table Rock. Bass can be found in the warmer sections of the lake, especially coves. Using structure jigs near weed lines was a top technique for targeting fall largemouth there.

Striped Bass

Lake Flint Creek

Located less than an hour from Rogers, Lake Flint Creek was created by the Flint Creek Power Plant to act as a cooling pool when they dammed Little Flint Creek in 1978. It is stocked by the Game & Fish commission and contains bass, panfish and some catfish.

The power plant is located on the eastern shore and emits water at over 100 degrees, ensuring warm water in the lake all year long. Seasonal patterns happen a little earlier here, with the bass spawn coming as early as January.

Imitating shad is the best bet for anglers targeting black bass and hard body jerkbaits have proven effective on ledges in this lake. 


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