Downtown Rogers Welcomes and

Supports Creative Economy

Creative Placemaking in Downtown Rogers is part of the City of Rogers Downtown Master Plan.


Downtown Rogers has changed significantly over the past five or six years.

Innovative entrepreneurs who have chosen Downtown Rogers for their operations have seen value in offering interactive experiences and entertainment to their business offerings. The number of opportunities have grown significantly with live music, dance performances, theater, book clubs, karaoke, wine and beer tastings. There are also an abundance of maker classes where you may learn to cook, create art, make candles, do woodcarving, learn to play a musical instrument or walk on a runway or simply enjoy a paint and sip event while learn about the regions of the world where wine is produced. 

Enjoy local products

Highlighting the Creative Economy has been an effective way to attract the attention of the public and the news media. Whether it is a date night, girls night out or corporate team building, offering interactive experiences is a great way for business owners to go beyond selling goods and services and broaden their marketing appeal. Whether the events are free or ticketed, hosting events allows for opportunities to reach more people through social media and invite the news media to highlight the arts and entertainment offerings in Downtown Rogers. These events also provide content for Destination Rogers and Go Downtown Rogers social media posts, blogs and newsletters.

Breakdown of Experiences Offer by 46 Businesses in Downtown Rogers

We have seen Downtown Rogers become a draw for creative businesses. Artists, Makers, creators, entrepreneurs, first came because the storefronts were abundant and affordable, and now they continue to come because Downtown Rogers is recognized as a community that welcomes and supports the creative economy. 

Types of Experiences hosted by 46 Downtown Rogers BusinessesExperiences Offered 2022 Q1 & Q2 
Outdoor Experiences5
Trivia/Games/Book Clubs6
Food and Beverage Classes8
Creative/Performance/Maker Classes12
Corporate Team Building12
Art Walk Participant25
Historical/Art Exhibits32
Live Music/performances22

The City of Rogers continues to build infrastructure and attractions that making our downtown more inviting to investors. Significant investment in The Railyard Park, Railyard Bike Park, the skateboard park at the Rogers Activity Center, and Lake Atalanta Park and trails, and the Historic Victory Theater and Rogers Historical Museum all show commitment to rebuilding our historic downtown. Private investment in Historic Lane Hotel now Haas Hall Academy and Arkansas Arts Academy further caught people’s attention. Some of these projects have won national awards and all have received significant media coverage.

Attracting young people and families keeps our downtown growing and vibrant. New playgrounds and water features, The Railyard Live Concert Series at Butterfield Stage, the skate park and splash pad at the Rogers Activity center plus Railyard Bike Park, provide family friendly infrastructure that attracts new visitors and residents and provide free entertainment that is family friendly. And it is the feet on the street that gets the attention of people who are opening businesses in Downtown.

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