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Susie Q. Malt Shop

Susie Q. Malt Shop opened in June of 1960 and while the owner may have changed, ownership remains in the family who continues to operate the great old fashion dairy bar. Sheila (AKA Ms. Pinky) the current business owner and reason behind the shades of pink on just about every spot on the wall along with Stacy, the night manager, take pride in being the second oldest business in Rogers and the oldest restaurant in Northwest Arkansas. Susie Q. opens the second week in February and closes in late October for the season. Be prepared for a loud and fast-moving crew in a 900 square foot space!


The family insists on doing things the classic old school way and say the only things that have changed are adding cash registers and accepting credit cards as a form of payment. Burger patties are still hand-pressed every morning, shakes and malts are handspun, and limeades are freshly squeezed to order all with your choice of added fruit and add-ins. Let it be known they do not serve fast food; they serve quality food made fast. Let’s not forget they spoil your pets (dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, rats, etc.) with a dog bone ala mode – topped with ice cream!

Susie Q Malt Shop

Susie Q. Malt Shop

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Ms. Pinky’s favorite drink is the peanut butter Butterfinger shake and says the burgers are a must have. Stacy’s favorite drink is the lime cheesecake shake which I am told tastes exactly like Key Lime Pie. Stacy loves cheesecake and key lime pie so one day they experimented with the toppings and created a new flavor that was immediately added to the menu. Her must try meal is the Big Chicken which is a freshly tenderized and hand breaded chicken breast on toasted buns. Do not forget the curly fries, the reason Susie Q. became well known and loved, and be sure to season them to your liking. The name Susie Q. came from the potato cutter used when the drive-in first opened. Veterans and community heroes (fire fighters, EMTs, police officers) can also expect a sweet written note on the wrappers and drinks! “We take care of the ones that take care of us,” says Ms. Pinky’s daughter who has been working at the drive-in for over 14 years.

Every June the family celebrates Susie Q’s anniversary by hosting a parking lot party for the community. The family loves the diversity of businesses in downtown Rogers from the restaurants, sports bars, and shops, to the Daisy Airgun Museum and public art that is continuously popping up.

You have nine months out of the year to visit this nostalgic drive-in restaurant complete with picnic tables for you, friends, and family to enjoy! Support locally by shopping their line of commemorative cups, koozies, stickers, and tshirts.

Pro tip: Be patient, everything is cooked to order. Some guests have waited anywhere from one to two hours. “We make it worth the wait,” each order is carefully prepared for freshness and quality. Call ahead and place your order!


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