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Jairo Reyes, General Manager of the Rogers location for Acambaro, was raised in the restaurant business. His parents, Silvia and Arturo Reyes, first opened Tienda Acambaro in Lowell in 1996. At the time, it was one of the few stores selling Mexican products and street tacos. The demand for Mexican products wasn’t as high as it was for street tacos so they eventually took out the storefront and made it a full-service restaurant.


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There are now six Acambaro locations across Northwest Arkansas owned and operated by the family.

Most of the family lives in Rogers. Rogers is where Jairo grew up, made friends, went to school, played soccer, and where his family became members of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church so it made sense to open a location in the city. 

Rogers is a city of opportunity and Jairo’s family is a shining example of what is possible here. His dad’s highest level of education was 6th grade. However, he was able to start a business in Rogers, provide an education for his children, and continues to give back to the community that helped make it all happen. Jairo graduated from the University of Arkansas with a business degree and two of his younger sisters will be graduates within a year.

“This is home. This is all we know,” Jairo said. “We have enjoyed watching Rogers grow into the city it is now while also keeping the outdoors accessible. Watching the city you grew up in continue to grow inspires and gives you a reason to work to your fullest potential, to follow your dreams, to do the things that seem impossible.”

Jairo said, “We love the relationships Rogers has brought us with the church communities, numerous community and sporting events, and Beaver Lake right next door. You can live in the city where you go to school and work but still be close to all that The Natural State has to offer.”

Jairo’s favorite dish is a cheese quesadilla with Acambaro’s hot salsa. It reminds him of when he was young and his mom was a waitress at the restaurant, as it was something she could make quickly for him. He now prepares it for himself, it’s simple but brings back memories as a kid growing up watching his parents run the restaurant.

The must-have dish, according to Jairo, is named after the family – Fajitas Reyes. The entree includes steak, chicken, and shrimp grilled with onions and peppers served with grilled jalapeño, rice, beans, and guacamole with pico de gallo on a bed of lettuce. The Spanish surname Reyes translates in English to Kings, so Jario says they refer to it as the “king of all fajitas.”

“This is a family business, we are a small business,” he said. “People see locations across NWA and they think we are a franchise and have a corporation. All locations are family owned and operated. It’s either my parents, sister, an uncle or cousin managing the locations. If one day we decide to no longer manage a location, we’ll pass it on to a family member. We really want to help each other and give back to the community.” 

During his free time, Jairo enjoys spending time outdoors and recommends riding the bike trails Northwest Arkansas has to offer. His favorite is the Razorback Regional Greenway, a 36-mile trail for all skill levels of bikers. The trail runs from Bella Vista to Fayetteville bringing together all the surrounding communities. Acambaro is the northern pillar of the delicious 8th street cultural corridor in Rogers that features other great local spots to check out like Me Latte Chocolate, Gaby’s Bakery, La Popular, and I Love Pupusas

Stop by the restaurant at 215 S. 8th St. in Rogers or contact them at (479) 986-9901.


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