Must-Do Activities


Explore Hobbs State Park Conservation Area

Prepare to be amazed by this 12 acre park that sits along Beaver Lake. You can participate in an event or park activity, or explore the miles of trails for biking, hiking, and horseback riding. There is plenty to discover in this vast park – with unique plants, flowers, and wildlife, you’re almost sure to see something exciting.

Create Your Own “Beer Tour”

There’s nothing like kicking back, relaxing and enjoying a cold beer after a long day. Rogers and Northwest Arkansas have a surge of craft and local breweries popping up across the region. You can sip your way across town with some of the tastiest brews. Be sure to try New Province Brewing Company or Ozark Beer Company. You can bike from one brewery to the next or join along with some friends, but remember to always designate a driver and drink responsibly! 

New Province Brewing

Take an Eagle Watch Tour at Hobbs

Witnessing bald eagles soar over Beaver Lake is a pretty badass experience. Hobbs State Park has offered eagle watch tours on Beaver Lake for nine years.  Every cruise is different and you never know what wildlife you will see. According to Chelsea Porter, park interpreter, “We have always been lucky seeing eagles on our tours; some mature, some immature, and we always see other beautiful wildlife as well.  No one will ever be disappointed on our eagle tours.” 

Shoot Your Eye Out at The Daisy Airgun Museum

Tis the season for holiday lights, parades, and 24-hour marathons of A Christmas Story. And in Rogers, that means one thing – a trip to the Daisy Airgun Museum. That’s right, the Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle originated right here in The Natural State. While you’re here, you can uncover the history behind the rifle at the museum and even purchase your own authentic Daisy Red Ryder. Just don’t shoot your eye out. 

Slash a Mountain Biking Trail

While most mountain bikers are forced to call it quits in the winter, that’s not the case in Rogers. With a temperate climate and miles of trails popping up every week, this is the perfect getaway for bikers of all skill levels. Check out Lake Atalanta with mountain biking trails that connect to The Railyard Bike Park, complete with natural surface trails and pump tracks. You can also explore Slaughter Pen or Oz Trails for an amazing ride just down the road from Rogers. So load up your bike for your next road trip or find a bike when you get here. You won’t regret a trip to Rogers for your next mountain biking trip – no matter the season. 

Rogers Historical Museum

Rogers Historical Museum is a centerpiece of Downtown Rogers. They have recently been undergoing a grand expansion renovation that will have more exhibits, education and event spaces. You could be one of the first visitors to the grand re-opening of this state-of-the-art museum in mid-December. It will be well worth the wait, trust us.

Take a Hike

Work off the chill and experience winter in the woodlands of NWA by discovering the trails at Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area. You can also check out the hiking routes around Lake Atalanta that’s a complete park experience just minutes from downtown. You can also experience an urban park at trailheads across the city, which make getting some exercise a breeze. Head out on a walk during lunch break, before or after work, or use the trails to get around town. 

Winter Hiking Activities

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